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I am a Documentary Photographer. My name is Lynn Berreitter. Itís that simple. Or is it? 

I have been without a camera very few times in my life. The baby photo is me with my Fatherís camera bag. I was destined to be a photographer. In the basement of our family home at a very young age, I would watch my father develop images of me in a glass tray of developer. I remember taking my sisterís brownie camera when I was in sixth grade, and documenting my neighborhood, friends and bedroom. It never stopped after that. Throughout high school I had many inexpensive 110 pocket cameras. Remember them? I was always photographing events, family, and friends and managed to amass many photo albums. Believe it or not, the photos actually ended up in albums and not boxes.  

For my high school graduation, my father bought me my first 35 mm camera, a Canon TX. I think I can say that I knew then, that I wanted to be a professional photographer.  In the 80ís I concentrated on photojournalism. I was fascinated with photographers such as Diane Arbus, Margaret Bourke-White, and many of the other documentary photographers of the early to mid 1900ís. I continually photographed people in natural settings, people that I happened upon on the street, at events, etc. I photographed strictly black and white and developed and printed all my own photographs. 

The 1990ís brought a career change for me. I went back to college and received a degree in Environmental Science for reasons to long to explain here. Although an interesting career, I have decided that my heart is with photography. With the digital medium in full force, I gave up the unfriendly chemical processes of photography, and now strictly use a DSLR. I am now documenting nature. Living here in SW Florida, I find it very gratifying to photograph the nature that surrounds us. Although most of my current photography is color, my collection of black and white photography is growing.  

I donít know where my journey will lead, how many moments in time I will freeze, or how much eternity I can preserve. I do know that I am a believer in preserving today for the future. How much will our world change? Who will look at my photographs a hundred years from now and wonder what it was like back then? Will there even be someone to ponder that? I hope so. So sit back and enjoy a bit of my photography and please feel free to email me thoughts, musings, etc.


Lynn Berreitter



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